Julie Clarke Scented Candle in Porcelain pots.

​The Trinity Gifts and Little Gift Boutique just love these and we have just Introducing a new brand in candle making, Julie Clarke Candles to our shops, an innovative products appeal to the senses. Using beautiful decorated Fine Porcelain vessels, the scented candles use a unique blend of essential oils and pure natural waxes. A porcelain diffuser bottle with refills complements the range. Handmade in Co. Galway. The Beauitful scented candle can also be used as a beauitful night time lantern. When the candle has burned down simply clean the residue wax with hot water and add your tea light.

Each of Julie Clarke Candle is designed and hand made in a candle workshop in Galway Ireland. They use 100% pure natural waxes - a blend of soya and bees wax. The  wicks are made from unbleached cotton interwoven with linen thread. The wonderful aromas are created by the addition of our bespoke blend of the finest essential oils. All Julie Clarke candles and diffusers are contained in fine porcelain vessels. The translucency of fine porcelain is complimented by the flickering reflections of candle light. All the candles come with silver colour or porcelain lid to keep the candles clean when not in use. A luxurious gift box completes the gift. 

Visit us at The Trinity Gift to see our range or view them on our site. They smell truly amazing.

These Beauitful candles are all under £25!

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