Our Top Five Most Bought Gifts

There is no better present that someone will value more than a gift that a person has put thought and time into choosing. If you have a friend or family member that you just want to surprise with a present, then why not give them a gift that they will treasure forever.

We have a fantastic collection of special gifts, some stylish interior items that could be a simple gift, but meaningful.

This is our top 5 best selling items this month.


Our Dublin Map is cool but did you know that maps can stimulate both sides of your brain. The right side that is intuitive and aesthetic, and the left side that's the rational and analytical part of our brain. After learning this I will have to find a place in my house for one!



Our Candle of Hope, this is truly beautiful with a prayer on the reverse side. It is a national candle for peiople to pray in the midst of the coronavirus. Its 3x5 inches in size, smells of vanilla and is operated by batteries, which are of course included.



Number 3

Newbridge Silverware Guinness Rose Gold Plated Necklace. Black in centre large cubic zirconia stone setting, that is surrounded 38 smaller cubic zirconia stones. Triple link chain with a T-bar closing with a two glass stone setting. This is presented in a Newbridge Silverware box. 470mm plus 25mm extension.

A gorgeous gift for someone special or just a lovely treat for yourself.


Number 4

Faith, Hop,e Love Wooden Holding Cross, Made out of walnut this hand carved cross is smooth to touch. The holding cross features words to encourage you throughout prayers. Perfect for your bag, car or sending it to that someone in need.


Makes everything possible


Makes all things work.


Makes all things beautiful




Nurses are Angels in Disguise, well its easy to see why these would be in our top five, for this week with everything going on. Even Babksy is drawing them as Super Heroes, no more Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman, Our amazing NHS team of doctors and nurses, we thank them and all others on the front line. This little Angel is 4.5 (L)x 1.5 (W)x 6(H)

You can view more of our products online and feel free to drop us a message if the item you are sending is a gift as we will organise a little  note inside for you.


Stay Safe


The Trinity Gift

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